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Approaching Thanksgiving

How to balance the enjoyment of the festivities with staying committed to a healthy lifestyle?

The right to savor the abundant and delicious food of the holidays comes along with the responsibility to take advantage of the time off of work and to increase our level of physical activities. Having fun does not mean we have to add 10 pounds to our waistline before the year is over. Here is a simple and doable suggestion:

Start planning a few days before the holidays and budget about an hour (early in the day) to spend exercising. Combining aerobic exercise (walking, biking, hiking, swimming) along with light weights and stretching is best. Then, about half an hour to an hour before  dinner, eat two portions of fresh fruits (a large apple and a banana, an orange or some berries).

Once you have arrived at your feast destination, bypass the ordeuvres and start by filling half of your plate with salads and the other half with lean meat (turkey). Avoid eating in a hurry. After you finish your first plate, allow yourself the freedom to choose anything else you may like, if you are still hungry.

You will be surprised how much more control over your eating you will have and how much more confident and happier you will be at the end of the day.

So, stay true to the spirit of the holidays and enjoy the food and the fellowship without sacrificing your long-term health goals.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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