Arteries in Harmony
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Arteries in Harmony










If you’re looking for answers, this book is the key.

Our society is fighting an all-out war — against ourselves.

Obesity and diabetes is spiraling out of control, and not just in adults, but also in children.

The obesity-diabetes-artery disease epidemic concerns all of us.

Fewer than twenty percent of American adults aren’t suffering from one or more of these conditions, and only about three percent of us have both a perfect weight and lifestyle; the rest of us need help.

In spite of intense efforts, the epidemic continues to spread at an alarming pace, not only in the US, but globally as well. Arteries in Harmony will educate you about the concepts of belly fat, insulin, and fatty liver, among others; help you understand the dangers of prolonged sitting and added sugars; and will help you take preventative measures to combat high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes.