My Vision

I see a society where people live a full, productive, happy and healthy life well into there 70s. The rates of obesity and diabetes will be cut in half, invasive and surgical heart procedures will be reduced by more than 30%, and arthritis, cancer, and dementia will become less frequent. People will depend less and less on hospitals and nursing homes, insurance premiums will fall, and we focus more on prevention than treatment.

The principles of integrated wellness (healthy lifestyle, self-monitoring, and acceptance of medications for high blood pressure and cholesterol, when appropriate) will be embraced by the majority of individuals, and become the norm that guides our everyday lives, in a natural, simple, joyful, and sustainable way.

To achieve this vision where we all live healthier lives with a foundation of prevention and wellness, our society must transform in ways that:

  • We get at least two hours of physical activity while performing our daily routines

  • Sitting is no longer the default position

  • Healthy food choices that are, at the same time, affordable and tasty, abound

  • Social gatherings do not take place around unhealthy food and drinks

  • We exchange ideas based on our personal experiences of integrated wellness that helps further disseminate those principles and practices, through our own example and during casual everyday conversations

  • Entrepreneurs and innovators capitalize on integrated wellness, to provide a profitable business infrastructure that ensures the financial sustainability of the wellness movement

  • Benefactors provide the financial support to keep healthy foods, health club memberships, periodic health examinations, blood pressures cuffs for self-monitoring, at low or no cost for the less privileged

  • Schools teach the principles of integrated wellness and workplaces offer seminars to fill any knowledge gaps and provide updates keeping up with scientific discoveries

May we grow wiser, be optimistic, and stay healthy!