Book Dr. Anthony for a Speaking Engagement

If you are planning a Health, Prevention or Wellness event, Dr. Anthony's message will resonate with your audience, and will leave them motivated and excited. Dr. Anthony is not only a Cardiologist, a best-selling published author, and a motivational speaker, but is also passionate about empowering you with the knowledge you need to maximize your health and wellness potential.

In an era when health information abounds but is often confusing and conflicting, Dr. Anthony will give you clear and unambiguous answers, based on the best available scientific evidence. Dr. Anthony will customize a speech that will fit seamlessly with your program and attendees. A book signing with Dr. Anthony may also be added after the speech.

Dr. Anthony speaks from the heart, not just about the heart.

With passion, Dr. Anthony will lead your audience through an educational journey of discovery of our inner biological self and afford a unique view of the heart and arteries as organs crucial to our health. He will not only inform but also empower, not only instruct but also inspire. Dr. Anthony delivers a most memorable experience by being engaging, practical and thought provoking. Your audience will thank you for giving them the new perspective that Dr. Anthony presents!

Program Highlights & Suggested Titles:

Secrets of a Healthy Lifestyle.

  • The role of your muscles & joints play in prevention & wellness

  • Self-monitoring: an absolute necessity in prevention & wellness

  • Consistency is more important than intensity

  • Healthy lifestyle & medications: complementary but not mutually exclusive

  • What if the scale won't budge? Choices for weight reduction or weight-risk mitigation

Practice Prevention to enjoy Wellness.

  • Prevention Basics

  • Why you shouldn't look up to models & athletes as 'role models' for wellness

  • Invest in your health like you invest for your retirement

  • Longevity as a choice

  • The first step is half your journey

Is it too late to undo the damage?

  • Diabetes - So much more than simply a sugar problem

  • Why even the best lifestyle isn't always enough for keeping cholesterol & blood pressure normal

  • Tips for the patient with High Blood Pressure

  • Abdobesity - The Belly Fat that Kills

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