The Belly Fat That Kills

This books speaks about the most important issues that are on everyone's mind: personal health in the present-day obesity epidemic.  Abdobesity is a new term, to name obesity's most dangerous form: obesity in the waistline. Abdobesity is clearly a visible early warning sign that should not be ignored. 

Abdobesity reads like an engaging story, a feature that sets it apart from other publications on personal health. Featuring abdobesity as the leading actor, the book takes you along a colorful trip, exploring the biology of obesity and the way it affects metabolism and the health of our arteries. 

Abdobesity goes beyond obesity to emphasize the individuality and severity of human illness and explains the dynamics of the patient-physician relationship.

Abdobesity is a must read!

Abdobesity: The belly fat that kills
By Dr. Anthony J Pothoulakis, George Y Demosthenous M Sc