An all out war against cardiometabolic disease

The Problem:

Cardiometabolic diseases (heart disease, stroke, diabetes) claim half the lives lost to non-accidental causes in the US each year; fueled by sedentary lifestyle, too much sugar, salt, fat and calories, and the aging of the population, they damage our arteries, large and small, and cause immense pain, suffering, and disability.

These diseases come at a price tag of half a trillion US dollars per year; they necessitate complex, costly, and not always successful treatments with multiple medications and invasive or surgical procedures. The diseases destroy individuals and families; they threaten our Nation. Yet, the science is solid in that, in the majority of the cases, these diseases CAN BE PREVENTED or, at least, delayed till our late seventies or eighties. How?

Simply, by following the right lifestyle and treating high blood pressure and cholesterol early and aggressively. This has led large national professional organizations like the NIH, the CDC, and the American Heart and American Diabetes Associations, to come up with initiatives, committees, and declarations, urging people to do the right thing. Yet, these top-down initiatives, as many others at the state and local level, have not been consistently translated to better population health and wellness, at a large enough scale. So the problem continues.

It's not too late, Take Action NOW!