We can win the war against cardiometabolic disease

A Proposed Solution:

I plan to use social media to spread a short, clear, easy to understand, and actionable message -a backbone of ideas and practices- to help individuals grasp the science about heart disease and diabetes and overcome the inertia and objections that may prevent them from taking the right actions to stay healthy, active, and happy till late in life.

I need to reach a wide audience, a critical mass of interested and capable individuals (about 1-2% of the population) who will embrace the principles of PREVENTION and WELLNESS. Together, we can change the current environment, which is conducive to physical inactivity, unhealthy eating, and relying too much on doctors and hospitals for the fight of disease.

We can then spread the message across through our own example, informal everyday discussions, innovative practices, and novel, entrepreneurial activities. Thus, the message of health and wellness will reach our friends, the friends of our friends, the friends of the friends of our friends, and, eventually, all of us.

As the ideas, concepts, and practices of every-day wellness are spread to wider and wider audiences, fertile discussions will be stimulated, new ideas will pop up, and innovations will follow; a grassroots, bottom-up health movement will be born and grow, engaging the public-at-large into wellness and prevention in ways that are simple, natural, and fun.

It is only THE PEOPLE who will transform the society in the many ways needed to fight heart disease and diabetes; from new restaurant franchises that offer healthy menus, to teachings in school and workplace that focus on prevention and wellness, to “green donations” and innovative ways of producing and marketing healthy food, to ways that minimize the time that we spend sitting at work or at home; a well orchestrated, society-wide movement at the crux of health and entrepreneurship, nature and happiness. A movement I believe I can help shape.

Don’t wait another day, join me now and lets fight cardiometabolic disease together!

20 Healthy Habits:

- Love yourself enough to adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

- Avoid or control Abdobesity (Abdominal Obesity)

- Measure your Waistline

- Do NOT Smoke

- Reduce your Salt Intake

- Get enough Sleep

- Get Nutrissentials from your Food

- Eat a Minimum of Five Portions of Fruits & Vegetables a Day

- Avoid Processed Foods High in Saturated Fats

- Avoid Deep-Fried Foods, Candy and Sugary Drinks

- Nuts and Fruits are Great Snacks

- Exercise Frequently 

- If you drink Alcohol, do so in Moderation

- Drink more Water

- Enhance your Health Literacy

- Form a Partnership with Your Physician

- Reduce your Stress

- Accept Responsibility for your Health and Wellness

- Stay Optimistic

- Spread the Word of Health and Wellness to Everyone