Arteries in Harmony


Helping Our Loved Ones

WellPals of the World

WellPals, simply put, are “knowledge agents” for overall health and well-being. It’s a friend who has the desire and compassion to promote wellness!

They are people who want to tackle the epidemic head-on through community health activism. It’s teaching everyday people how to work with their family and friends to create a healthier lifestyle, as well as guide and support them through this journey.

What does being a WellPal mean?

A WellPal means that you care enough about someone to help them better understand their overall health. It’s creating a positive and health change that will have a domino-like effect on other members of society, to help defeat the obesity + diabetes epidemic.

How do WellPals help others?

WellPals help by directing their loved ones to health care providers when early signs appear. They spread messages of wellness and prevention to their community. Even by explaining to others why these life choices are detrimental to our health, WellPals can begin to positively change our thinking as a whole.

What kind of resources do WellPals have?

All training and certifications will be conducted by the Arteries in Harmony team, lead by Dr. Anthony. Think of it as learning how to be the best care-taker you can be for your friends and family!

Online modules are coming soon!


Knowledge is power... And knowledge about these crucial topics is necessary for defeating the epidemic.
— Dr. Anthony Pothoulakis