Arteries in Harmony

Dr. Anthony Pothoulakis

Fighting the obesity + diabetes epidemic — together.

Our health, as a whole, is in jeopardy.


While obesity in the US has been slowly but steadily rising since the turn of the 20th century, adult obesity has almost tripled over the last 50 years: more than two out of three adults are now obese or overweight. Similarly, type 2 diabetes has increased five times during the same period.

Now, the statistics for obesity and diabetes in children are growing just as fast.


The big question remains: what are we going to do about this problem?


It’s easy for the blame to be placed on everything around us, but that won’t keep the issue from growing or resolving. Science has done its part; it has produced the necessary knowledge and given us the roadmap to fight the epidemic.

It is up to us to stop the madness.

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Fighting heart disease and diabetes through prevention.

Arteries in Harmony is the tool that our society needs to better understand how our choices impact our overall health — but on a deeper level. If you (or someone you love) is:

  • overweight or obese

  • diabetic (or pre-diabetic)

  • a smoker or drinker

  • suffering from cardiometabolic diseases (heart attacks, strokes, etc.)

… they need to read and understand the severity of their life choices.



Importance of overall
health — long term.

Unless you are in medical school, the chances that you are able to learn from a physician is slim to none. The opportunity to learn the science behind the daily life choices we make and the consequences that come with it is closer than you think.

WellPals + Online Courses

WellPals, simply put, are members of social health activism.
They are people who want to tackle the epidemic head-on through community health activism. It’s teaching everyday people how to work with their family and friends to create a healthier lifestyle, as well as guide and support them through this journey.


Wellness and prevention start with keeping our arteries healthy — and in harmony.
— Dr. Anthony Pothoulakis