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Go to the Health Club OR Exercise at Home?

Physical activity, along with healthy diet are the pillars of healthy lifestyle. So, you have made the decision to get in shape. Wonderful! Your next move is to either go to a  gym / health club or start exercising on your own. You may think buying exercise equipment could be too expensive, but think again. There are so many option out there today and the same goes for joining a gym or fitness center. What is important is to be physically active for a few hours a day, at work, at home, at the gym, anywhere.

Many gyms now accept health insurance. There are so many men and women who pay into their health insurance and have no idea they could be working out for free or near free.  Many large companies have learned that keeping employees healthy actually keeps their health costs down in the long term.  And gyms seem to always run deals or specials. Sometime you can ask for a discount: student, senior citizen, etc.  And if a medical issue arises or pregnancy or you lose your job - most gyms will place a hold on your membership.

The cost of equipment can also be reasonable. Remember: you get what you pay for when buying equipment brand new. Do a little bit of research if you are going to invest in a large expensive piece of exercise equipment.  Don’t forget other outlets. Many people buy items or gear and after a while, it is collecting dust or sitting in a closet. Their loss can be your gain.  Treadmills, weight sets and other items can be found on craigslist, eBay, or local virtual garage sales, or the old fashioned garage sale or classified ads.  If you are just starting your foray into working out- you may want to buy pre-owned items to save some money.

If your company has a gym in it, make use of it! Head into work early, or stay late to get that workout in.  Or you may be  able to use part of your lunch hour to eat at your desk and use that extra hour to get in a workout. Walking with other employees can be fun and fruitful.

Employers are starting to add fitness to the workday in many new ways.  Physical activity at the workplace is becoming the way of the future.  Standing desks, walking mats, and exercise balls in place of chairs are all ways companies are promoting health.  Elliptical work desks and ab-focused workout chairs are available and furniture for your home like a curvy pilates lounger, and other furniture that is disguised as just furniture, but turns into exercise equipment is available for online purchase. A stool that  looks like a stool, can work your core, since it is not flat on the ground, and can turn into a workout mat.  If you are short on room, closet gyms can work for you. You can fit the treadmill, bands, and dumbbells into what looks like a closet.

Fitness trackers and wearable devices are making accountability easier and are a great way to show that you care about and monitor your health. It is not uncommon to see men & women wearing fitness trackers on their wrist as part of their everyday outfit.  These trackers can report several pieces of information to you, including how many steps you have taken in a day (like a pedometer).  

There are so many options whether you shop online or in a brick and mortar store. Or - just use what is at your disposal: take a walk, buy or rent or check out YouTube for exercise videos, or get creative at home (marching in place, sit ups, jumping jacks, planks will not cost you a thing)! So get moving; you have no excuse!!!


To your health!

Dr. Anthony